Capt. Chip Carroll

Captain Chip Carroll is not native to Cape Cod, but has been summering here for over 50 years. As a child, his family would use the movement of the Albatross as time keeping device. Back in the 1970’s when no one had a waterproof watch, the afternoon passage of the Albatross in front of Corporation beach signaled it was time to head back up to the cottage as it was almost 5pm, the time the life guards went home for the day.

Like many families, the Carroll’s looked forward to their Summer vacations which always included a trip on the Albatross. In August of 2005 the Carroll’s were enjoying their annual fishing trip when they learned the boat was for sale. With Chips retirement from the military looming on the horizon, they felt that this adventure was the ideal next step in life. Chip and his wife Shawney purchased the business in March of 2006. The summer of 2024 will be their 19th season of running the boat.